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Sundstrom SR100 Half-Face Mask inc P3 Filter

The mask is equipped with two exhalation valves, which ensures very low exhalation resistance.
  • Valve covers with baffles effectively protect the exhalation membrane against dust and paint mist.
  • The easily adjustable elastic head harness of the mask is designed as a V-shaped loop and has a large, dished crown plate, which contributes towards a comfortable and secure fit.
  • The Compressed air attachment SR 307 can be connected. A pre-filter holder and test disc for simple checking of the performance are supplied.
  • Best stored in box SR 230 or storage case SR 339.
  • Inhalation resistance at 30 l/min ˜ 3 Pa = 50 Pa
  • Exhalation resistance at 160 l/min ˜ 70 Pa = 300 Pa
  • Service temperature -10 – +55 °C, < 90 % RH
  • Storage temperature -20 – +40 °C, < 90 % RH Weight ˜ 179 g
  • Assigned Protection Factor¹ 20 (P3), 10 (GasX), 10 (GasX P3)
  • Nominal Protection Factor2 48 (P3), 50 (GasX), 48 (GasX P3)
  • Compliance: Tested in accordance with EN 140:1998 Nominal protection factor 50 Specified in BS 4275, and applies generally to all half masks with particle filters P3, regardless of the test results. According to EN 529:2005
  • Sundstrom SR200 Full-Face Mask

    The Sundström SR200 full face respirator provides very high protection at heavy-duty work for extended periods. The respirator offers added eye and face protection, and a higher protection factor than half masks.
    • Very high protection factor (NPF 2000)
    • Full face respirator for use with filters or supplied air
    • Two exhalation valves
    • Valve caps with air diffusion (no clogging during spray jobs)
    • Heavy-duty use, full-time exposure, long-term work in areas requiring very high protection levels
    • Silicone rubber
    • Weight: 450g approx.
    • Fabric head harness - no sticking rubber
    • Unique curved visor for exceptionally wide and deep field of vision
    • Part of inhalation air is channeled across the visor to minimise mist forming
    • Can easily be fitted with an optional SmallTalk microphone and loudspeaker
    • Accepts all Sundström filters and compressed air attachments
    • Air circulation inside mask
    • 2/3 of inhalation air reaches mouth and nose without circulating visor and outer mask
    • 1/3 of inhalation air passes across the visor and prevents fogging
    • Compliance: Approved to AS/NZS 1716:2012

    Sundstrom 510 P3 Filter

    Pack quantity: 5
    • Used in conjunction with Sundström SR100,SR200 and SR500 Respirators.
    • High-performance particle filter class P3. The filter flange features an O-ring that optimises the seal to the front rim of Sundström gas filters.
    • Plastic polypropylene
    • No metal parts
    • Used against all types of wet and dry particles, such as dust, smoke, aerosols, spray, asbestos, bacteria, viruses and mould.
    • The filter can be attached to Sundström non-threaded gas filters. It is also used on front of Sundström's threaded gas filters when used on the SR500 PAPR
    • Largest diameter: 107 mm, Thickness: 31 mm Weight: 44 g
    • Filtration paper: Particle filter contains about 1,300 sq cm (200 sq inches) hydrophobic fibreglass paper
    • Filtration efficiency: Paraffin oil aerosol: >99.997% (tested by INSPEC)
    • Drop pressure: At 30 l/min: 40 Pa (standards requirement: <120 Pa) , At 95 l/min: 120 Pa (standards requirement: <420 Pa)
    • Store at room temperature in clean, dry place
    • If seal has been broken, store away from contaminants in an air-tight container
    • Shelf life is 10 years if seal is unbroken Expiry date printed on filter

    Sundstrom 218 A2 Gas Filter

    Packet quantity: 4
    • Approved to AS/NZS 1716:2012
    • Plastic polypropylene
    • No metal parts
    • Used against organic gas and vapour with a boiling point above +65°C,such as solvents. The filter fits into the filter attachment of Sundström's half and full face masks. An SR510 particle filter can be snapped onto the front of the filter. Two identical A1 filters can also be used with the SR500 PAPR by using filter adaptors
    • Largest diameter: 106 mm, Thickness: 36 mm 137 g
    • The filter contains 100 g of activated carbon
    • Adsorption capacity: In tests with 5,000 ppm carbon tetrachloride at 30 l/min, the filter lasts for 45-50 minutes (standards requirements: >40 min) The filter absorbs approximately 42-45 g (1.5-1.6 oz) carbon tetrachloride (standards requirements: >38.4 g (>1.36 oz))
    • Pressure drop: At 30 l/min: 25-30 Pa (standards requirement: <100 Pa), At 95 l/min: 120-140 Pa (standards requirement: <400 Pa)

    Sundstrom ABEK1 Multi Filter

    Pack Quantity: 4
    • Organic, inorganic, acid gas, ammonia filter class ABEK1 (regular capacity).
    • Used in conjunction with Sundström SR100,SR200 and SR500 respirators.
    • Plastic polypropylene-No metal parts
    • Used against vapour from organic gases whose boiling point exceeds +65°C (150F), for inorganic gas, for acid gas and vapour, and for ammonia
    • Largest diameter: 106 mm, Thickness: 36 mm 162 g
    • The filter contains 125 g of activated carbon

    Sundstrom ABE1 Gas Filter

    Organic, inorganic, acid gas filter class ABE1 (regular capacity).
    • Used in conjunction with Sundström SR100, SR200, and SR500 respirators.
    • Plastic polypropylene-No metal parts
    • Used against vapour from organic gases whose boiling point exceeds +65°C (150F), for inorganic gas, and for acid gas and vapour
    • Largest diameter: 106 mm, Thickness: 28 mm 125 g
    • The filter contains 78 g of activated carbon
    • Pressure drop: At 30 l/min: 45–50 Pa (standards requirement: <100 Pa), At 95 l/min: 200 – 220 Pa (standards requirement: <400 Pa)
    • Compliance: Approved to AS/NZS 1716:2012

    Sundstrom 221 Pre Filter

    Inner pack of 5/Carton of 80
    • Pre-filter in front of the main particle and gas filters. The low-cost pre-filter sorts out coarse wet and dry particles, protects the main filter and prolongs its service life.
    • Used in conjunction with Sundström SR100,SR200 and SR500 respirators.
    • Polyester
    • 102 mm diameter; 1 mm thick
    • Fits into the pre-filter holder of all Sundström non-threaded main filters (gas and particle)
    • Compliance: Approved to AS/NZS 1716:2012

    Sundstrom Pre Filter Holder

    Pack Quantity: 5
    • Prefilter holder secures and protects the filter against handling damage
    • For use with Sundstrom half and full face masks
    • Secures and protects the prefilter from handling damage

    Sundstrom SR230 Storage Box

    The SR 230 accommodates a half mask with combination filter. The box is triangular and has a cover that is secured to the box. Equipped with both shoulder strap and holder for securing to the users belt.
  • Plastic storage box with carry strap and lid for half mask, filters and accessories
  • Durable plastic
  • Accommodates one half mask with filters, cleaning tissues, instruction manuals, filters and other items
  • Keeps mask and accessories dust free
  • Practical carry strap attached
  • Lid attached to storage box
  • ID label for owner's name
  • Sundstrom Replacement Straps for SR100 12 Face Mask

    The Sundstrom 180-00214 is the replacement strap for the The Sundstrom SR100 Silicone half face mask
  • Includes:Head strap, Head Pad
  • Strap is Adjustable
  • Application: Sundstrom Replacement Parts
  • Half Face Chemical Kit

  • Half mask Medium Size
  • ABEK1 Multi gas filters for organic, inorganic, acid gases and ammonia.
  • P2 Pre-Filter pads- filters harmful particler
  • Resealable storage case. Filters and mask to be reused should be sealed and stored securely in a clean, dry environment away from direct sunlight.
  • Threaded filters connect easily and securely
  • Large exhalation valve + sweat port eliminate heat & moisture
  • Adjustable 4 point elastic harness for comfortable and secure fit
  • Low profile design provides clear vision & may be worn with goggles
  • Mask is a soft lightweight material provides excellent facial fit
  • AS/NZS 1716:2012
  • Maxi Mask 2000 Half Mask Respirator

    Sold Individually/20 Per Carton
    • Fully adjustable four point cradle suspension ensuring an effective facial fit
    • Low profile angle filter design for minimum visual impairment
    • Durable thermoplastic rubber mask for superior fit
    • Contour moulded nose for fit with glasses and goggles
    • Low resistance exhalation valve - to reduce heat and moisture build up
    • Able to be worn under most welding helmets
    • Quick and easy filter cartridge connection
    • CERTIFIED TO: AS/NZS 1716:2012 Respiratory Protective Devices Certified by SAI Global To be used in conjunction with: AS/NZS 1715:2009 - Selection, use & maintenance of respiratory protective equipment

    P2 Cartridges to suit Maxi Mask 2000

    1 pair per packet/50 pairs per carton
    • For use on the Maxi Mask 2000
    • P2 cartridges protects against mechanical and thermally generated particles
    • Easy Lock-on system to Pro Choice Safety Gear Maxi Mask 2000
    • Comes complete with a P2 Pro Choice Safety Gear Filter and retainer caps
    • AS/NZS 1716:2012 Respiratory Protective Devices Certified by SAI Global
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