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Duct Tape

Sold in Cartons of 64 Rolls
  • 48mm x 0.13mm x 30m
  • High quality and versatile.
  • Lead free PVC duct tape is perfect for sealing, joining, repairing and binding.
  • The solvent based rubber adhesive provides flexibility and strength under even the most extreme conditions and a wide variety of surfaces.

Electrical Insulation Tape

Sold in Cartons of 120 Rolls
  • Our Electrical Insulation Tape is an 18mm wide adhesive insulation tape, supplied on 20m roll.
  • Provides excellent electrical insulation and adhesion for domestic, industrial and trade applications.
  • Dependable resistance against temperature changes ranging from -18°C to 80°C
  • Internal packets of 10 rolls.
  • Used for electrical insulation or cable bundling

Reinforced Foil Tape

Sold in cartons of 24 Rolls
  • tesa® 51495 PV2 consists of aluminium foil reinforced with polyethylene scrim which is coated with a rubber/resin adhesive.
  • Designed for HVAC applications.
  • Release liner for ease of unwind
  • Thermal insulation properties
  • Vapour barrier
  • Heat and radiation reflective properties
  • Excellent adhesion to own backing
  • High bond strength
  • High initial adhesion

Masking Tape

Carton Quantities 18mm/48 rolls, 24mm/36 rolls, 36mm/24 rolls, 48mm/24 rolls
  • 50m length per roll
  • General purpose masking tape suitable for DIY painting applications & light packaging & bundling

K180 Renderers Masking Tape

24mm Sold in Cartons of 48 Rolls
  • Blue 25m Roll
  • Tenacious K180 RenderMask™ cloth tape has been specifically developed for the rendering industry. The product provides 14 Day UV protection on aluminium window frames during the rendering process.
  • Adheres to concrete, brick-work, aluminium, PVC and painted surfaces.
  • The product is waterproof, clean removes and snaps off loose render when the tape is removed, providing an ultra clean finish.
  • Tenacious RenderMask™ is an industry standard.
  • For Full Cartons: 24mm (48 rolls), 36mm (32 rolls), 48mm (24 rolls)

Double Sided Cloth Tape

Carton quantities 24mm/48 Rolls, 36mm/32 Rolls, 48mm/24 Rolls
  • Premium grade
  • Strong backing fabric
  • Aggressive rubber adhesive with high-tack even on rough surfaces
  • High tensile strength
  • Creped, flexible, siliconised liner for easy release

Premium Black Cloth Tape

Carton Quantities 24mm/48 Rolls, 36mm/48 Rolls, 48mm/30 Rolls, 72mm/18 Rolls, 96mm/18 Rolls
  • High quality waterproof cloth tape with a very heavy weight of adhesive and hand tears easily in both directions.
  • Flexible, conformable & good clean remove characteristics.

Packaging Tape

36mm Sold in Cartons of 48 rolls/48mm Sold in cartons of 36 rolls
  • Natural Rubber Adhesive Packaging Tape
  • Premium grade 28µm O.P.P. film coated with an aggressive solvent natural rubber-based adhesive
  • Works well for sealing all sizes of cartons and grades of board used for packaging products manufactured throughout Australia and the world

Fillament Tape

9mm (96 rolls/ctn), 12mm (72 rolls/ctn), 18mm (48 rolls/ctn), 24mm (36 rolls/ctn), 36mm (24 rolls/ctn), 48mm (24 rolls/ctn) - 45 metre length rolls
  • Very high strength cross weave enhances its strength and prevents stretching and warping during use.
  • Aggressive self adhesive makes this tape a suitable alternative to metal or plastic strapping on all our bundling and binding applications.

Pallet Wrap

Sold in cartons of 6
  • 15HMAX 15um 500mm x 300m
  • Strong, lightweight and flexible
  • Easy to wrap (by hand or machine)
  • Puncture and tear resistant
  • Resistant to chemicals, water and impact
  • Recyclable and reusable

Bubble Wrap

1500mm x 100m Custom Slit
  • Bubble wrap is used in a wide range of industries and has multiple purposes, including packaging, transporting and storing fragile or easily damaged items and equipment.
  • With our eco bubble wrap, you can protect your valuables knowing that you’re also protecting the planet.
  • If you’re looking for the best way to keep your items safe when packaging or moving them, then finding a quality bubble wrap supplier should be your first priority

Reflective Adhesive Tape

The Stylus Class 1 HIP-4100 Reflective Safety Tape series is composed of a UV stabilized acrylic front film. It’s retroreflective system consists of sealed cells of air backed microprisms, using total internal reflection.
  • 48mm x 45.7m
  • Great for Bollards, Vehicle Signage and Road Signage
  • Highly Visible
  • 4100 Tape conforms to AZ/NZS 1906:1:2017
  • 2900 Tape (Red, Yellow and White) are Class C ECE104 rated
  • Flomask 60 Day Masking Tape

    18mm (64 rolls), 24mm (48 rolls), 36mm (32 rolls), 48mm (24 rolls)
    • 55m length
    • General paint masking where a fine edge is required.
    • Outdoor/indoor masking.
    • Fine line masking, particularly with two pack paint.

    Fragile Tape

    Sold in cartons of 36 rolls
    • Perfect for Identifying Cartons, Pallets, Packages, Boxes or Items Which Need to be Handled Carefully
    • Made From 25 micron Thick O.P.P. Film
    • Dimensions: 48mm x 66m

    Bundling Film

    Sold in cartons of 12
    • Bundling film is a quick and easy solution for wrapping or binding small or long items in a cost-effective way.
    • High clarity
    • Quiet unwind
    • Water and dust resistant
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