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Barrier Tape

Sold individually/Carton of 20
  • 100 metre roll x 75mm width
  • Heavy duty plastic
  • RED/RED & WHITE: Indicates the location of danger, fire protection equipment & apparatus, stop buttons & emergency stop controls.
  • YELLOW/YELLOW & BLACK: Used for marking places where caution should be exercised in addition, yellow markings should also be used where radiation hazards from radioactive materials exist.
  • GREEN & WHITE: Used for denoting safety & for indicating the location of safety & first aid equipment (other than fire fighting equipment).
  • BLUE & WHITE: Used to mark when mandatory instructions need to be followed or place Also Available Printed


Sold individually/Cartons of 25
  • Hi-Vis is fluro PVC triangle flags
  • 30 metre length
  • Reusable high strength nylon rope
  • 45 flags
  • Provides excellent visibility for hazardous areas


Sold Individually/Carton of 12
  • Extra tough 6kg base + PVC bollard stem
  • Providing even greater visibility
  • 240mm reflective tape complies to AS/NZS 1906.1:2007 standard

Traffic Cone

Sold individually/Carton of 10
  • Flexible PVC construction for maximum safety on impact
  • Fluorescent orange with UV stabilizers
  • 700mm height
  • Reflective available

Barrier Mesh Fencing

  • Heavy duty safety fence
  • Rigid type plastic stays up with less support posts than other barrier mesh
  • Ideal for long term jobs or repetitive use
  • Easy to use 6kg or 8kg rolls
  • High UV stabilized flourescent orange
  • 1 metre high x 50 metre long roll
  • Safety Signs

    Various Safety Signs available, contact our sales team for pricing and options available.

    Swing Stand

    Galvanised swing stand only
  • To suit 900 x 600mm flat plate signs
  • Outside Dimensions 1050mm x 1020mm x 25mm
  • Folds down for easy transportation and storage
  • Long Load Flags

    10 per pack/50 per carton
    • 30cm x 30cm diamond shape PVC flag
    • Highly visible, fluoro orange colour
    • UV stabilised material
    • Elastic hanging loop attaches quickly and easily

    Marx Spray Marking Paint

    Sold in cartons of 12
    • Premium upside down marking out paint
    • Toluene-free formula
    • High opacity, high quality, true colour
    • Vast selection of bright colours for highly visible marks

    Dymark Spray Marking Paint

    Sold in cartons of 12
    • Marking Out Paint 350g
    • Toluene-free formula
    • High opacity, high quality, true colour pigment loading
    • Applications include construction, landscaping, civil works and surveying
    • Unique spray pattern specifically designed for spot marking as well as "writing" applications

    Line Marking Paint

    Sold in cartons of 12
    • Durable Line Marking Paint 500g
    • A fast drying acrylic paint, designed for use with the Dy-Mark Line Master
    • Specially formulated to provide long lasting lines
    • Ideal for marking out car parks, factories, warehouses, sporting fields and courts
    • Toluene-free formula
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