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Type 5-6 Coveralls

Carton of 25
  • Proven to filter 100% of particles >.01 microns*
  • Allows perspiration to escape while providing liquid chemical protection
  • Tailored suit Improves mobility and dexterity while working.
  • Light Weight 55 gsm
  • Anti-static Tested under EN 1149-5.
  • Certified: BSI Benchmark lic: 655143 for EN ISO 13688
  • EN1149-5:2008: Protective Clothing – Electrostatic properties – Part 5: Material performance and design requirement
  • The Microporous fabric used in the construction of the PECB coverall has been proven to filter 100% of particles larger than .02 microns. Asbestos respirable fibres, are typically 3-5 microns in size
  • Stitched Seams Combining strength with particle barrier
  • 3-piece hood
  • Elasticated hood, wrists, waist and ankles
  • 2 way front zipper with resealable storm flap

Asbestos Bags

Sold in Cartons of 50
  • Our asbestos bags are clear in colour and are printed with an asbestos warning in red.
  • All of the asbestos bags we sell, that you can buy online are 200um (microns) thick and made of heavy-duty, low-density polyethylene featuring welded seams.

Decontamination Unit

Three stage modular decontamination units, Strong, lightweight powder coated aluminium construction, Easily assembled units comprising two showers and an airlockStrip curtains separating each module, Perspex skylights Hand held shower with flexible shower hose Hot water service with easy-to-use snap-lock hose fittings Flexible drainage hose and pump filter box

Glove Bags

For installation personnel engaged in removing asbestos based insulation materials, we supply glovebags to safely handle asbestos and other contaminants

Asbestos Tape

Sold in cartons of 50
  • This 50 metre long roll of non adhesive tape measures 75mm wide and is ideal for demarcating areas contaminated by asbestos. The yellow tape features a bold black print warning DANGER ASBESTOS. Size: 50m x 75mm
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