Barrier Tape

Sold individually/Carton of 20
  • 100 metre roll x 75mm width
  • Heavy duty plastic
  • RED/RED & WHITE: Indicates the location of danger, fire protection equipment & apparatus, stop buttons & emergency stop controls.
  • YELLOW/YELLOW & BLACK: Used for marking places where caution should be exercised in addition, yellow markings should also be used where radiation hazards from radioactive materials exist.
  • GREEN & WHITE: Used for denoting safety & for indicating the location of safety & first aid equipment (other than fire fighting equipment).
  • BLUE & WHITE: Used to mark when mandatory instructions need to be followed or place Also Available Printed

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include but are not limited to: Agriculture, aviation, automotive, chemical
manufacturing, construction, forestry, heavy engineering, manufacturing,
metal processing, mining and quarrying, transportation.
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