• Sperian Optifit Full face mask


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    Sperian Optifit Full face mask (more)

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  • OPTIFIT is a Full-face mask, APR class 2 following EN 136 : 1998 , dedicated to offer respiratory protection, depending on the canister type assembled on it

    The effective protection is set by the standard and the combination :

    The Nominal Protection Factors and Assigned Protection Factors are :

    OPTIFIT + P3 : NPF 1000

    OPTIFIT + gas cannister : NPF 2000

    OPTIFIT + combined gas P3 : NPF 1000

    For an optimal protection , it is recommanded to use Sperian Aluminium Canisters or Sperian Plastic Canister ( class 2 )

    They can only be used in sufficiently ventilated premises where the atmosphere contains a minimum oxygen volume of 17 %.

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