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B-Safe energy absorbing lanyards are tested by dropping a 100kg mass a distance of 3.8 metres, generating a force of up to 20kN (2040kg). The lanyard must be capable of reducing this force to below 6kN (612kg). This is achieved by increasing the deceleration distance with the use of controlled tear webbing which pulls apart at a pre determined load. The end result is a much softer impact on both the worker and the structure to which they are attached. All B-Safe lanyards are 100% individually proof loaded prior to final assembly and feature construction techniques designed to make visual inspection easier, both during manufacture and in the field.
Webbing 44mm high tenacity polyester water and UV polyester Shock absorber 44mm polyester tear webbing with back up loop. Individually proof loaded to 7.5kN.
Hardware Zinc coated alloy steel doubled locking snap hooks MBS 22kN.
Applications: General fall arrest, Construction, Order pickers, Elevated work platforms, Maintenance.
Specifications: Certified to A.S. 1891.1
Also available: Karabiners, snap hooks or scaffold hook Lengths from .6m

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