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    L2 Earmuff (more)

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  • Headband earmuffs with air flow control, providing better consistent attenuation of noise

    Headband Style: Over-Head

    Audio Input Jack: No

    Design Patents: Air Flow Control

    Batteries Needed: None

    Earmuff Construction: Metal

    Other Material: Steel Wire, PUR-E, PVC, Textile, PC/PBT, ABS

    Earmuff Type: Headband

    Hearing Rating: Class 5 (SLC80=31dB)

    Brand: Howard Leight

    Standard: AS/NZS 1270:2002.

    Part Number: 1010923

    Protect yourself with the appropriate ear muffs from Hymark Trading

    What are ear muffs and how do they help? Ear muffs are also referred as acoustic earmuffs or ear defenders. They also look like thermal earmuffs or headphones. With ear muffs, there are cups that are lined up with sound-deadening material and are worn as a form of hearing protection.

    Usually at construction sites, you will notice that they are clipped onto the sides of a hard hat or carried on a head-band.

    In certain cases, ear muffs are combined with headphones. This will allow the user to enjoy the music and protect the ears or isolate from the surrounding noise. Earplugs can also be used in conjunction with earmuffs for the extra sound attenuation.

    Hard thermoplastic or metal is the material used for the production of the head-band and the outer covering.

    By using an ear muff, a lot of the protection comes from the acoustic foam. By increasing the air resistance it absorbs and reduces the amplitude of the sound waves. The same energy is converted into heat.

    There are certain ear muffs that use active sound protection. In this case, a microphone is mounted in the headset. It will pick up the ambient sounds. Later, it tends to transmit the sound via a dynamic range compression circuit to the earphones that are present inside.

    While attenuating the louder sounds, the headset can be adjusted to allow the wearer to hear sounds at ordinary volumes, normally.

    Hymark Trading - L2 ear muffs come with air flow control that will provide you consistent attenuation of noise. It is an overhead ear muff with its construction made out of metal. It requires no batteries.

    Along with our ear muffs - we carry work safety gear, and hearing protection as well. You can check them out and order them online!

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