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Tyvek® coveralls are made from very fine, high-density polyethylene fibers. Tyvek® brand protective material offers all the best characteristics of paper, film and fabric in one material. This unique balance of properties, which cannot be found in any other material, makes Tyvek® lightweight yet strong; vapor-permeable, yet water-, chemical-, puncture-, tear- and abrasion-resistant. Tyvek® is also low-linting, smooth and opaque. Today, limited-use protective garments and work-wear are among the most important commercial applications to benefit from the unique combination of properties offered by Tyvek®. Garments made of Tyvek® are either used for hazardous environments or for general, non-hazardous, industrial use. Examples of uses for hazardous environments include protection against water-based acids, bases, salts and splashes of certain liquids, such as pesticides and herbicides. The garments also provide a reliable barrier against exposure to harmful dry particles, such as lead dust, asbestos and particles contaminated with radiation. Non-hazardous, industrial uses include wearing the garments while working at at factories, workshops, engineering plants, farms and construction sites. Siozes M - 3XL.
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