Neg Air Unit

Negative Air Unit

Product details

Designed for use in applications where critical contaminants must be isolated. Typically used for asbestos removal. Manufactured in Australia conforming with the requirements of AS1386. Robust cabinet houses a fan, pre-filter and a HEPA filter. This combination ensures the removal of airborne contamination by air drawn in by the fan and passing through the filters. Cabinet constructed from 1.5mm galvabond steel with heavy duty direct drive fan with variable speed control for extended filter life. The HEPA filter strictly conforms to AS4260. The filter cell is securely sealed to a metal frame with a high density neoprene gasket. Power is provided via a single phase 240 volt, 10 amp, 3 pin plug. The unit must NOT be used where products and materials such as inflammable vapours and airborne biological agents present an exposure risk to personnel. Each unit has a recessed controll panel housing an ON/OFF switch, fan speed adjustment knob, alarm, alarm indicator, alarm test switch, 3-pin mains panel mounted plug and Magnehelic gauge. The alarm sounds and the alarm indicator lights when the HEPA filter becomes dirty. The alarm switch tests for the normal operation of the alarm, alarm indicator and internal battery. The Magnehelic gauge indicates the pressure drop across the filter. The normal value is pre-set at 250-280 Pa. HEPA filters can also be supplied by Hymark Trading. Total weight - 96 kilograms.
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