Top asbestos removal equipment from Hymark Trading

You need optimum protection when you are dealing with removal of asbestos - also known as asbestos abatement. Get the best possible asbestos removal equipment from us!

There are certain materials in a building that contain asbestos. The removal is an intricate procedure, in order to control the release of fiber from the harmful toxic. Asbestos was widely employed in building materials which included the ceiling tiles, flooring, joint compound, cements and much more. Therefore, it is highly important that before you start any form of building improvements, restructuring or repairs - to test for the presence of asbestos.

Asbestos removal involves steps like: encapsulation, encasement, and removal. You will need the assistance of a licensed asbestos removal contractor. With carefully planning and execution you can avoid the risk of inhaling airborne fibers originating from the harmful element.

At Hymark Trading, we want you to be well prepared. Check out our high quality products under our asbestos removal equipment. We carry the following:

· Hymark type 5-6 Coveralls
· Asbestos Bags
· Decontamination Unit
· Glove Bags
· Numatic HZ570 Vacuum
· Asbestos Tape
· Neg Air Unit
· Sundstrom Half-Face Mask

Apart from our asbestos removal equipment, you can take a look at our vast collection of
safety equipment and adhesive tapes as well.

From personal protection and safety equipment to clothing and sportswear, our wide range of products is all available online - for you to order!

We are here to help you choose the right products

At Hymark Trading, it delights us when we receive different kinds of queries from our customers regarding our wide range of products.

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sales@hymarktrading.com.au .
Alternatively, you could fax us at (03) 5984 9900 and also choose to drop us a note through our contact form.

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