Top notch adhesive tapes available for you from Hymark Trading

When you have the traditional fixings like: screws, rivets, bolts, nuts, clips, staples and liquid adhesives - they are often considered as the most favorable methods to combine two substrates.

However, you have brilliant and proven alternatives to these methods in the form of films, foams and adhesive tapes. In certain scenarios, they even match and exceed when it comes to their strength, durability and overall performance. They also provide exceptional benefits that will not be found with traditional fastening techniques like: insulating, shielding, dampening and sealing.

We have paid close attention to the needs and requirements of different industries. The Hymark Trading team works hard in order to produce the high quality adhesive tapes for you.

We have a vast array of adhesive tapes that are applicable to different kinds of applications and suit your various needs:

· Premium Cloth Tape
· Duct Tape
· Reinforced Foil Tape
· Filament Tape
· Strapping Tape
· Outdoor Masking Tape
· Urgent Tape
· Handle With Care Tape
· Fragile Tape
· Plain Foil Tape
· Tenacious Gaffer Tape
· Double Sided Cloth Tape
· Double Sided Tissue Tape
· Outdoor Repair Tape
· Tenacious Masking Tape
· Packaging Tape

You can also take a look at our other top quality products like:
work safety gearand asbestos removal equipment. You can make your order online!

Contact us today

You can call the Hymark Trading team at (03) 5984 9999 or send us an email at sales@hymarktrading.com.au . Alternatively, you could fax us at (03) 5984 9900 or drop us a query by filling up our contact form. You will receive a prompt reply from us.

Furthermore, if you have any questions regarding adhesive tapes or any other safety related products, feel free to get in touch with us. Our experienced team will be happy to assist you.

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