Get the best construction hard hats from the team of Hymark Trading

Hard hats are predominantly employed in workplaces such as construction and industrial sites. They will help protect your head from any form of injury like: falling objects, debris, dust, dirt, or electric shock. A hard hat or protective headgear at these kinds of worksites will also assist you from scraping or bumping your head on equipment or structure projections.

With hard hats, there are suspension bands that are present inside the helmet. The bands help in spreading the helmet's weight and any kind of force or impact.

Between the helmet's shell and the wearer's head - a suspension also provides a space of approximately 30 mm or 1.2 inches. Therefore, in the event of an object striking the hard hat, the shell shall try taking most of the impact and aim to protect the skull. With certain helmet shells, there is a mid-line reinforcement ridge - that helps in improving the impact resistance.

Paying attention to your needs

Our team cares about you and the people you work with at construction and industrial locations. Keeping that in mind we manufacture some of the best construction hard hats and protective headgear. We always pay attention to producing high quality products and making them available to you at affordable prices.

At Hymark Trading, we carry the following for you:

  • Hard Hats
  • Custom Printed Hard Hat
  • Canvas Sun Hat
  • Detachable Hard Hat Brim
  • Hard Hat Visor Earmuff
  • Face Shiles
  • Apart from our construction hats, protective headgear and canvas hats - check out our collection of other safety gear like: polarised safety glasses and protective glasses. They are all available online for you to order.

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    You can also get in touch with us through fax at: (03) 5984 9900. Alternatively, drop us a query by filling up our contact form. The Hymark Trading team will be prompt in replying to you!

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