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There are different kinds of chemicals - and this calls out for different kinds of coatings for protection. Safety is paramount and we pay close attention to the production of our chemical resistant gloves.
Our experienced team has engineered a wide range of chemical-resistant gloves to help you defend against harmful chemicals. We are certain - that you do not have to worry about your safety - when you have selected the right pair of gloves from Hymark Trading.

Our chemical resistant gloves are used by professionals at the following industries:

· Mining
· Automotive
· Petroleum
· Chemical processing/clean-ups
· Fisheries
· Pharmaceutical
· Farming
· Heavy industrial
· Shipping chemicals
· Light/medium fabrication
· Durable goods assembly
· General plant use, petrochemicals, and various kinds of laboratories

Here are our high quality and top notch products for chemical resistant gloves:

· Nitrile Blue-Dipped
This glove is economical and light-weight in nature. It is a high quality nitrile glove that comes with interlock lining. You will get a textured nitrile finish along with 100% cotton interlock lining. Our nitrile blue dipped glove is available in palm-coated and fully-coated versions.

· Trojan PVC
Our Trojan PVC glove is double-dipped heavy duty industrial work gloves. You will get an advanced feel with wet and dry grip. They will provide you extreme flexibility, comfort and are reusable. Additionally, they come with a seamless cotton liner.
They are available in sizes 9, 10, and 11.

· Long Green PVC
The Long Green PVC glove comes with a double-dipped neoprene coating and a sandy finish. It is 100% cotton interlock-lined and will provide you protection against a wide range of chemicals.
They are currently available in sizes 8 - 11. These gloves are also available in shorter lengths.

· Long and Short Red PVC
It is designed to help you resist grease, chemicals and oil. The PVC coated glove is 100% cotton-lined, single-dipped and has a smooth finish.

· Nitrile Yellow-Dipped
It is 3/4 dipped, abrasive and chemical-resistant. This glove is light-weight in its design. In addition, it is knit wrist to exclude any debris, and has an open back for improved ventilation.
Currently, available in sizes 7, 8, 9 and 10.

· Short Green PVC
This glove will provide you increased resistance to grease, chemicals and oil. The PVC glove is double-dipped with sand finish to help improve your grip. Additionally, they are Jersey-lined for sweat absorption and comfort.
The one size fits all.

· Nitrile Chemical
The Nitrile Chemical is a premium grade glove to assist you with maximum chemical resistance and abrasion. Their electrostatic lining technology will prevent lining being shed and also improve comfort. You will have a textured arm for enhanced grip - and it is 45cm in length for the protection of your forearm.

· Black Neoprene Glove
This glove is excellent for handling chemicals. It will provide a high resistance against most solvents, oils, fats and mild acids. It is made up of heavy-duty neoprene and a premium grade soft cotton flock lining for comfort.

· Black Knight Latex
This natural rubber latex glove will offer you better mechanical and chemical resistance. It is sanitised for cleanliness and will inhibit bacterial growth. It comes with a satin, unflocked lining for improved dexterity and feel.

· Blue Neoprene
A triple-dip technology helps improve the resistance against chemicals, fats, oils and puncture. You will receive a soft cotton flock lining for a higher level of comfort. In addition, textured fingers and palms will provide you improved grip in wet conditions.

Apart from our collection of chemical-resistant gloves, check out our wide range of products like
nitrile disposable gloves and cut resistant gloves.

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You can get in touch with the Hymark Trading team at (03) 5984 9999. Alternatively, you can email us at
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