Top 6 safety measures to be followed by every construction-site worker

Construction is one such industry sector, which can be considered anything but completely safe. This is also regarded as an extremely dangerous occupation. The reason for this is huge mobile equipment, height, deep dug spots, sharp edges and those wobbling stairs are some of the realities in most of the construction sites. For this reason, no matter how careful and modern contractors claim their sites to be, the risk always persists. Therefore, it is important for the employers in this industry to focus on the safety and security of their construction workers. However, it is also important for the workers to take certain precautions while working under such conditions.
Here are top 6 safety tips to be followed by every worker in the construction industry.

1. There is no Alternative to Personal Protective Equipment

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), is the primary safety measure to be followed. Well-fitting protective gears are a great source of defense and they also help in reducing the magnitude of the injuries that are caused due to unanticipated accidents and falls. Therefore, it is essential to wear PPE while you are at work. If you are not provided with them, then demand them from your employers. Once you get them, it is equally important to know how to use them and maintain them appropriately in order to reap the maximum benefits out of them.

2. Thoroughly Check Your Working Areas

Scaffolds are common in construction sites and are responsible for injuries. So, it is important to be safe while working on them. Scaffolds should be pre-inspected by a professional. Incomplete scaffolds without a strong base or a platform should never be worked upon. Construction work should be be commenced only after the site passes all the safety checks.

3. Maintain Proper Fencing

Most of the falls and fatal injuries mainly happen in the areas with improper fencing. Therefore, areas with damaged or broken fencing and those without any fencing should be completely avoided until there is proper fencing or till the fences are fully repaired. If this does not happen on time, then the same should be brought to the notice of the supervisor. This ensures that there will not be any lag in the time taken for safeguarding that place and pacing up the construction work.

4. Keeping a Check on Unanticipated Fire Outbreaks

Next comes the danger of unanticipated fire outbursts. This generally happens because most of the combustible chemicals, welding operations as well as the machinery are generally stored in a close vicinity. Such an arrangement increases the chances of fire on the construction site. The best way to prevent this is to stay alert and take necessary steps to prevent this from happening. Another important step is to keep the open flames away from the construction site. This eliminates them from igniting flammable materials.
However, the most important measure is that, all the workers should be aware of the escape routes in case of sudden fires and accidents.

5. Vigilance Matters in Case of Equipment and Electricity

Construction sites generally need numerous electrical installations. Lifting equipment generally involve weights and electricity. Therefore, such machines and equipment should be thoroughly checked before operating them. If you are not clear about using them, then seek appropriate guidance or help from a co-worker or a supervisor. Also ensure that none of the electrical tools come in contact with moisture.

6. Keep the First Aid Ready

Although it is practically impossible for the construction workers to carry first aid while they are working, it is important for them to make sure that important basic first aid elements are available within the accessible limits. This is because immediately treating the injuries will immensely limit the damage and also prevents the infection from spreading.

To Sum Up

Construction workers should be careful at every point of time. Improperly lit areas should be totally avoided until they are completely lit. Trying to operate the construction machinery without proper knowledge can be dangerous. In case of emergencies, all the instructions provided should be correctly followed. Furthermore, if you happen to notice any type of unsafe condition, such as an opening in the floor that is not fenced or covered, then the supervisors and co-workers should be immediately informed.
Today, construction workers are an important part of our modern society. Safe bridges, buildings and various assets of the society are their responsibility. Therefore, safety of construction workers is extremely important.

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